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Our Work

At Joe's Paving Stone, we are committed to providing the best quality Paving Stone, Pebble Paving, and Retaining Wall services possible.

We have been in business for over 30 years and when you choose us for your landscaping, you can have the confidence the job will be done right, fast, and on budget!

Below is some of our work.

Paving Stone Work
Paving Stone Pathways
paving stone driveway.jpg
paving stone retaining wall 1.jpg
paving stone deck.jpg
pebble paving stairs.jpg
Retaining Wall in Chilliwack.jpg
Chilliwack retaining wall Fraser Valley.jpg
Paving Stone Driveway Fraser Valley.jpg
paving stone back yard.jpg
paving stone back yard.png
paving stone walkways 2.jpg
paving stone back yards.png
structural retaining walls.jpg
paving stone walkways.jpg
Paving Stone pathways
Paving Stone Stairs
pebble paving preperation 1.jpg
pebble paving complete 1.jpg
Pebble paving sidewalk work in progress 2.jpg
Pebble paving sidewalk site prep 2.jpg
pebble paving sidewalk complete 2.jpg
Pebble paving sidewalk done 2.jpg
Pebble Paved Side Yard 1.jpg
Pebble Paved Side Yard prep 1.jpg
Before Pebble Paved Driveway 2.jpg
After Pebble Paved Driveway 2.jpg
After Pebble Paved Driveway 1.jpg
pebble paving waldways.jpg
sloping retaining wall.jpg
commercial retaining Wall 2.jpg
commercial retaining wall 1.jpg
pebble paved walkway.jpg
pebble paved staires.jpg
pebble paved side of house walkway.jpg
pebble paved parking spot.jpg
pebble paved entrance pathway.jpg
pebble paved patio.jpg
pebble paved deck - before.jpg


pebble paved deck - after.jpg


Pebble Paving side and back yard 1.jpg
entrance paving stone.jpg
flagstone paving lake house 1.jpg
paving stone driveway 2.jpg
paing stone decks.jpg
paving stone job 1.jpg
paving stone job 2.jpg
about joes paving stone services.jpg
paving stone stairs and deck
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