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Transforming Your Outdoor Spaces Into The Perfect Oasis

At Joe's Paving Stone, We Take Great Pride In Providing You With Quality Paving Services At Great Rates That Will Transform Your Yard Into The Perfect Outdoor Oasis

Paving Stone, Pebble Paving, And Retaining Wall Landscaping In Agassiz

Joe's Paving Stone is a local Paving Stone, Pebble Paving, and Retaining Wall installation company in Agassiz.

With over 30 years in the paving industry, you can trust that Joe's Paving can get the job done right, on budget, and on time.

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Contact Us For The Best Paving Stone, Pebble Paving, And Retaining Wall Landscaping Services In Agassiz!

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Agassiz Paving Stone And Pebble Paving Services

Joe's Paving Stone has many different services to choose from for your Agassiz outdoor landscaping needs. There is much more than just one use for every service. Click through to learn more about each and see how they can work together to create beautiful outdoor spaces!

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Paving stones can add a touch of class to any yard space. They have many useful applications like patios, decks, walkways, driveways, and much more.

Learn more about what we can help you do to enhance your yard with Paving Stone work


Pebble Paving can be a much more affordable option than concrete paving or asphalt paving. The finish looks great and has many applicable uses. 

We can pebble pave your driveway, walkways, decks, patios, and much more.

Click through to learn more.


Retaining Walls can have a big impact on your outdoor spaces. They can help to add beauty as well as to layer a downward-sloping yard into several useful spaces.

We are licensed for structural retaining walls as well as more decorative garden retaining walls.

Featured Hardscaping / Landscaping Services In Agassiz

At Joe's Paving Stone, we have many services that are used to create beautiful landscaping in Agassiz. With over 30 years in the industry, we know our craft very well. When you trust your landscaping to us, you know you will get the best service for your dollar.


Although we categorize our services, most of our clients utilize some or all of our services to transform their outdoor spaces into useful and gorgeous places to entertain, relax, and enjoy being outside.

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or if you need help with the details, we can help you to decide what will be a great fit for your outer decor.

Not only will you enjoy your home's new look, pebble paving, paving stones, and retaining walls can greatly improve the curb appeal and value of your property!

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Driveways - Agassiz

At Joe's Paving Stone driveway construction is a very popular service in Agassiz BC.


There are many different ways to add beauty and longevity to your driveway. While most people think of asphalt first, there are many more cost-effective and attractive ways to renew your driveway's look.

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Pebble Paving Driveways -Agassiz

Pebble Paving is attractive and durable. It has a similar look to brushed concrete but is a much more cost-effective alternative.


Pebble Paving can be done to a pre-prepared site or overtop an old cracked driveway.

We can have the driveway seamlessly integrated into a pathway leading to the front door for an extra touch of class.

Paving Stone Driveways - Agassiz

Paving Stone Driveways are also a popular way to go. With many options of color, style, patterns, and types of stone, the possibilities are practically endless.

Joe's Paving Stone has built our name on this type of driveway.


When you are looking to update your driveway with paving stones, contact us first!

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Patios, Decks, & Stairs - Agassiz

Joe's Paving Stone builds beautiful Patios, Decks, and Stairs in Agassiz using paving stone, pebble paving, and rock designs.

Patios and decks can use one or all of the above to create a unique and beautiful outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Our work lasts for decades while still keeping a clean and new look.

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Pebble Paving Decks & Patios - Agassiz

Pebble Paving is very versatile. Not only can it make for a beautiful driveway, but it can also be for your patio, deck, or stairs.

Pebble Paving is a durable and attractive way to enhance your outdoor spaces. With minimal maintenance, it lasts decades.

Pebble Paving is also much more affordable.

Paving Stone Decks & Patios - Agassiz

Paving Stone Decks and Patios are a fantastic way to transform a boring outdoor space into a gorgeous place to relax or entertain friends and family.

Paving Stones are very versatile. They come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. With our 30 years in the business, you can count on Joe's Paving Stone to achieve the look you desire for your home in Agassiz.

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Paving Stone Stairs Agassiz.jpg

Paving Stone, Pebble Paving, & Rock Stairs - Agassiz

Stairs for the outer decor of your home are an important element.

They help to enhance the look of the surrounding landscaping as well as being a way to traverse slopes and access decks and the entrances to your home.

They add massive curb appeal and increased home value.

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Retaining Walls - Agassiz

Retaining Walls are an important part of the landscaping for your Agassiz home.

They can help to add layers to your property, house a garden, level an area, encase a pool deck, and much more.

Whether your looking to add a large retaining wall or a small one, Joe's Paving Stone has you covered!

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Paving Stone Retaining Wall Agassiz.jpg

Paving Stone Retaining Walls - Agassiz

Paving Stone can make for an exceptional retaining wall material. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Paving Stone retaining walls have many uses including garden construction, yard leveling, fire pits, pool and deck construction, and much more.

We are licensed for structural retaining walls as well as simple garden retaining walls in Agassiz.

Retaining Walls - Agassiz

Retaining Walls can help to include a raw natural look while providing your property with all the benefits of a structural retaining wall to your Agassiz home.

Chat with us about your design plans and we will help you to realize your dream yard decor!

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Walkways & Pathways - Agassiz

Joe's Paving Stone can connect your outdoor spaces with Walkways & Pathways in Agassiz.

Using the material of your choice, we can construct attractive pathways that bring you from your driveway to the front door, walkways from your back porch to your built-in fire pit, walkways that wrap around your home, and much more.

When done right, the walkways should work seamlessly with the rest of your home's outer decor.

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Pebble Paving Walkways And Pathways Agassiz.jpg

Pebble Paving Walkways & Pathways - Agassiz

Pebble Paving Pathways & Walkways offers the best in versatility. They can be made to fit any configuration.

Garden pathways, wrap around the home walkways, the path from the driveway to the front door walkway, and whatever your imagination can come up with!

Not only does pebble paving offer a long-lasting and great-looking walkway, but it is also much less expensive than most traditional materials like concrete or asphalt.

Paving Stone Walkways & Pathways - Agassiz

Paving Stone Walkways & Pathways for your Agassiz home is our specialty.


Joe's paving Stone offers the best and most cost-effective services in the area. Don't let our competitive pricing fool you though, when you go with us, you are getting over 30 years of paving stone experience working to make your yard an oasis!

With tons of colors, styles, finishes, and laying patterns, paving stones can have a vast amount of impact on the look and use of your property.

We know our craft well, and it shows in our work!

paving stone pathways and walkways Agassiz.jpg

The above is just some of what is possible with Paving Stones, Pebble Paving, And Retaining Walls for your yard decor in Agassiz. Joe's Paving Stone is ready to take on any job big or small. Contact us by clicking the link below to chat about what we can do for you today!

Pebble Paving, Paving Stone And Retaining Wall Landscaping Agassiz Service Area

Joe's Paving Stone performs professional Pebble Paving, Paving Stone, and Retaining Wall installations in Agassiz BC.

Always feel free to contact us with questions or to get a free quote on any of our landscaping services

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Paving Stone Work At The Best Rates

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