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Pebble Paving Services

Joe's Paving Stone Provides Professional Pebble Paving Services

Pebble Paving

Joe's Paving Stone provides the Fraser Valley with the best and most affordable Pebble Paving Services around.

With over 30 years in the pebble paving business, we know our stuff well. Before you try your luck with anyone else, contact us to see how we can outperform the competition.

Pebble Pving Chilliwack Fraser Valley
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What Is Pebble Paving?

Pebble paving is a stylish and affordable solution to fix any cracked and damaged driveway, patio, or walkway. It can go over damaged concrete, asphalt, wood, or gravel.


Natural stone from the Fraser Valley and is installed with the same process as recycled rubber. We have a selection of 5 mil, 10 mil, or 20 mil aggregate sizes available for different paving applications.

With pebble paving it is recommended that it have a coat of concrete sealer be applied once a year to keep the paved area high gloss and strong.


The surface if uncovered wears off the same as concrete sealer wears off of concrete after a season or two. We offer a yearly cleaning and sealing service in which we will extend the warranty by a year each time we maintain it.

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Pebble Paving Services

There are many uses for pebble paving to enhance the look of your property. Driveways, decking, stairs, pathways, and more. Below are a few examples of the most common pebble paving services we perform for our clients. Note: Some of these images are from jobs we did up to 20 years ago!

Pebble Paving Driveways

We install many pebble paving driveways in the Fraser Valley every year. It is our most popular service and is a very attractive way to enhance the curb appeal of your home as well as the property value!

There is a vast variety of styles, and ways to use pebble paving when it comes to making your driveway beautiful.

Joe's Paving Stone is one of the few companies that offer this service in the Lower Mainland.


Always feel free to contact us to chat about the possibilities of pebble paving for your driveway!

Pebble Paving Driveways
pebble paving driveway Chilliwack Fraser Valley.jpg
Driveway Pebble PAving.jpg

Pebble Paving Pathways & Walkways

Imagine instead of walking through the muck out to your back shed to grab the lawn mower, you walk down your stunning pebble-paved pathway. During the trip, you feel bliss as you marvel over the clean look and beauty of your yard.


This is the difference that pebble paving can make while joining one area of your property to another. 

Your guests will get the same feeling as they journey from their car to your front door walking through your manicured walkways.

Pebble Paving Pathways and Walkways
Pebble Paving Construction.jpg
Pebble paving installation.jpg

Paving Stone Decks & Patios

Imagine enjoying your morning coffee out on your beautiful pebble-paved paradise. Or entertain your friends and family on your new pebble paving patio.

Joe's Paving Stone can help to make this your new reality.


For less investment than you might think, you can start enjoying your outdoor time from the comfort of your scenic pebble paving oasis.

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pebble paved deck
Pebble Paving Decks Chilliwack Fraser Valley.jpg

Pebble Paving Stairs

Pebble Paving can make for fantastic stairs. Whether you are looking for a couple of steps down or a full flight of stairs, Pebble Paving makes a great addition to your overall yard decor.

More cost-effective than many other materials, Pebble Paving stairs look great to the eye and to your bottom line!

Whether used for a pathway or home entrances, pebble-paved stairs are simply beautiful!

Pebble Paving Stairs Fraser Valley
pebble paved stairs Fraser Valley.jpg

Contact Us For Pebble Paving Services

Contact us by clicking the button below or just give us a call to chat about how we can help you with pebble paving services today!

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